New Measurement Data Has Implications For Quantifying Natural Gas Losses From Cast Iron Distribution Mains

By Carey Bylin, Luigi Cassab, Adilson Cazarini, Danilo Ori, Don Robinson and Doug Sechler | September 2009 Vol. 236 No. 9

Adilson Cazarini is responsible for all the Control System of Comgás Distribution Network, and leads the Control Room Area coordinating issues: natural gas supply and odorization, Loss Unaccounted Gas (LUAG) and distribution volumes estimation.

Danilo Ori is responsible for the operational remote control of Comgás’ distribution network and concentration control of odorant used for distribution of natural gas. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Maua School of Engineering, and in 2009.

Don Robinson
is vice president of ICF International and manages the Oil & Gas Technology Group. For over 27 years he worked in the petroleum industry, both domestic and abroad, upstream and downstream, at Chevron, Arabian American Oil Company in Saudi Arabia and Mobil Oil Corporation.

Doug Sechler is an associate consultant with the Oil & Gas Technology Group in ICF International. Much of his work has been dedicated to scoping greenhouse gas emissions and analyzing mitigation strategies. He received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Chemistry from Penn State University.


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